Protecting the Family

The family is the central and fundamental unit of society.

The Idaho Republican Party believes that traditional family values are the foundation of our nation. Families, not government programs, are the best way to properly nurture and protect our children, care for our elderly, preserve and perpetuate our cultural and spiritual heritage, and assure that our traditional values are transmitted to the next generation. Many of the ills of society can be attributed to the breakdown of the family.
We believe the traditional family to be the basic unit of society.

We believe that state and federal social and fiscal programs should reinforce parental responsibility and authority, and not promote or reward the disintegration of the family.

We call upon Idaho government officials and legislators to protect the traditional family and use all means possible to prevent expansion of the definition of marriage beyond that of a bond between one man and one woman. We recognize that the definition of marriage and its administration is not subject to federal authority and that Idaho is authorized to nullify any federal congressional act, federal mandate or court opinion that is contrary to traditional marriage.

The family is the central and fundamental unit of society. Because the core unit which determines the strength of any society is the family, the government should foster and protect its integrity.


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