The unborn should be protected.

The unborn should be protected. Birth to a married man and woman provides children the best chance for success in life.

We affirm that abortion is murder from the moment of fertilization. All children should be protected regardless of the circumstances of conception, including persons conceived in rape and incest. The federal judiciary played the tyrant in dozens of Supreme Court pro-abortion opinions since Roe v. Wade up to the Dobbs decision, and Idaho has the sovereign authority to defy the federal judiciary should they once again propose the fiction that abortion is a federal constitutional right. We support the criminalization of all murders by abortion within the state’s jurisdiction. We also support strengthening the Idaho Constitution’s declaration of the right to life for preborn children.

We reaffirm our support for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, and for the rights of the unborn child. We oppose abortion based on sex selection, convenience, or as a method of birth control.
We oppose partial birth abortion and we support legislation to abolish this practice

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